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Muscle Toning by InMode Tone

After 30 minutes, you’ll look like you’ve been hitting the gym for weeks. Our Evolve Tone hands-free machine stimulates targeted muscle groups to firm them up as if you’ve just done a thousand sit-ups and butt crunches. Yes, really: one thousand.

Precisely sculpt the perfect body. 

The Evolve Tone applicator uses electrical pulses to stimulate targeted muscles to contract as if you’ve been exercising them for hours. It doesn’t just look great—your muscles are actually getting stronger.  

The no-sweat gym body

Athletic firmness like this is nearly impossible to achieve, even with serious discipline: that’s because our most attractive muscles are the most difficult to train. Just a few 30-minute sessions will give you worked-out buttocks, a  firm waist, and those forever unattainable side-abs.

Treatment Areas:

We can firm up the areas that are the most difficult to exercise, so you can achieve the following…

Defined abs icon
Defined Abs
Tight hips icon
Tight Hips
Belly deposits icon
Slim waist
Sculpt buttocks icon
Firm Buttocks
Contouring hips icon
Flat Stomach

What to expect from InMode Tone

As you relax in a reclining position, an expert aesthetician will place a sash of electronic pulse applicators around you. The Evolve Tone device fits like a belt, and once you are in a comfortable position, you will feel muscle contractions like you’re working out. People describe the stimulation as unusual but not an unpleasant. First-time patients often laugh or smile at the novelty of experiencing involuntary rhythmic muscle movements. 

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Procedure Time

30-45 minutes

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No sweat, no downtime, and just some mild soreness, as if after a light workout.

Duration icon

Duration of Results

One month or more

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Look in the mirror after treatment and be amazed by your new gym bod.

No amount of diet and exercise can carve muscle definition like this. 

Let our board-certified physicians guide you through this discovery by developing an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Tone just feels like your muscles contracting. You set the pace, and we build the treatment around your comfort.

Tone sessions typically run for 30 minutes, but if you’re in the zone, we can go as long as you like. 

You should expect to see improvement after the first session and longer-lasting results after 2-6 treatments. Full results will be seen after you complete your last session.

Aside from feeling like a good workout, there is no downtime at all. Sometimes you will feel mildly sore the next day. 

There’s no limit to how many Tone sessions you can do. Once you build strong, beautiful muscles, a treatment plan can help you maintain them for life.  

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