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Spa Facials -
A cleansing and healing ritual for the skin

Eliminate and prevent breakouts with soothing series of restorative skin care treatments. First we do a deep cleaning to smooth out blemishes, then we re-moisturize the skin to create a balanced, fresh complexion. 

A fresh start for your face

The relaxing environment at Sur is perfect for a beauty ritual. Our complete deep clean includes exfoliation, extraction, creams, facial masks, peels, and massage. By cleansing the pores and repairing the skin with organic-extract lotions, we return a natural glow to your complexion. 

Our treatments are designed by board-certified physicians to look natural and elegant. A facial can also help you maintain the effects of other treatments you may get at Sur. It’s a wise way to protect your investment. 

Cosmetologist or masseur making manual relaxing rejuvenating massage for face

Explore Our Facials Menu

Young woman with nutrient facial mask in beauty salon

Sur Mini-Me Facial

The 30-minute express option where we tackle the primary problem areas with an intensive pore cleansing, exfoliate dead skin cells, and finish off with a soothing moisturizing lotion.

Hands of cosmetology specialist applying gold facial mask using brush

Sur Luminance

Our premium, full-scale 60-minute option. We open the pores with a gentle steaming, perform a variety of exfoliations, tighten the skin with a facial mask, massage the face to improve circulation, and finish off with a series of creams from organic plant extracts.

Man reciving facial treatment at beauty center.

Gentleman's Facial

We do the same deep cleaning and moisturizing as with all our facials, but the lotions and creams we use are designed for masculine skin. For example, instead of floral extracts, we might use a sandalwood balm for refreshing the skin.

What are facials for?

A facial is a complexion cleaner: it can smooth out bumpy skin, unclog pores, and fix discolorations. 


  • Facial massage stimulates natural circulation and health
  • Removes toxins in skin
  • Treats acne and blemishes

What to expect from a facial?

A spa day for your face. This is a completely soothing experience performed with expert aestheticians. Their capable hands will relax you, cleanse your skin, pamper your face, and apply healing lotions. Many describe a facial as something between a massage and a soak in a hot tub. This is a way to eliminate stress while also restoring the glow to your complexion. 

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Procedure Time

30-60 minutes. Our facials feel so good, you don't want it to be over.

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No downtime. You finish up feeling fresh and energized with beautifully clean, hydrated skin.

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Duration of Results

2-3 weeks

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You start looking your best as soon as the facial is finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facials feel great and leave you feeling amazing, so why not do them all the time? Generally, you can get a facial every few days, once your skin starts getting clogged up with dirt again. To maintain your appearance and a glowing complexion, we recommend getting a facial at least once a month. 

A facial is a great way to purify, hydrate, and promote a clear skin. It is a therapy and not a treatment for a specific issue like acne or discoloration. Getting a facial regularly will help to keep your skin fresh, and it can help maintain results from other treatments.  

Ready for a more radiant you?

 We offer the most luxurious facial in town. We invite you to schedule a consultation and reach your radiant self at Sur.

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