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Skin Firming by Forma

This simple thermal procedure tightens loose skin to retain your youthful glow forever. There’s no downtime with this non-invasive approach, a gentle warming wand stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production properties to treat wrinkles, sagging skin, and stretch marks.

Smoother, firmer skin -
without the needles. 

Iron out the wrinkles with gentle radio frequency healing. This popular treatment is often described as feeling like a hot stone massage. Forma’s nnovative technology allows us to precisely target dermal layers and stimulate natural collagen-production in the deep tissues of the skin.

Results that last up a year or more.

Your skin doesn’t just look toned, it is rejuvenated on a fundamental level. Sur’s board-certified physicians have designed this needle-free treatment to take just thirty minutes for seriously long lasting results. The best part is absolutely no downtime. 

Treatment Areas:

Forma is one of our most low-impact procedures. No needles, no downtime, and no pain!


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Sagging Skin icon
Sagging skin


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Double chin


Loose skin under arms icon
Loose skin under arms
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Contouring hips
Thigh toning icon
Thigh toning
Non surgical butt lift icon
Non-surgical butt lift

What to expect from Forma?

Many patients describe the feeling as pleasant, like a hot towel placed across the face in a spa. After a soothing session, there is some slight redness that goes away within 20-60 minutes. Because there is no downtime, a complete series of treatments can be completed in just a few days for firm skin that last up to two years.

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Procedure Time

30 minutes.

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No more than a few hours of slight redness after treatment.

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Duration of Results

1+ years.

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A full course of 3-6 treatments is required for long-lasting, supple skin.

Supple skin unlimited

After designing a treatment place with a board-certified physician, the problem areas will be smoothed out with a specialized tool that sends pulses of warm energy into the deeper tissues of the skin.

Ultra-gentle Forma treatments can be done virtually anywhere on the body where there are patches of skin, unevenness, or discoloration.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Forma is not painful and feels like a soothing facial massage.

Treatment time is typically 30 minutes.

You will begin to see gradual improvements in the treatment area following your first few sessions.

There is no downtime due to Forma’s precise technology and deep-layer targeting of the skin. Slight redness in the treatment area is common post-procedure, but subsides within a few hours.

It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over a six-week period. Individuals may be treated in fewer sessions with more weeks between each treatment. Scheduling should be based on a medical pre-evaluation.

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